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                                  Adventure in the Venezuelan Llanos


First day: Arrive in the evening at the airport (international flights from the U.S. always arrive in the evening).  We will arrange for you to be picked up at the airport and taken to your hotel.  The airport (Maiquetía) is located near the town of La Guaira, which is an hour outside of Caracas.  La Guaira has a nice hotel located on the ocean by superb seafood restaurants.


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Dr. Jesús Rivas
The Llanos Day 2-6

Text Box:   Birds of the Llanos, including the roseate spoonbill and scarlet ibisFly inland to Barinas, drive to Hato El Cedral.  Leave early in the morning to fly from Maiquetia airport to Barinas, the “gateway” to the Llanos (flooded savannas).  The Llanos (llano means “flat” in Spanish) is a unique seasonal wetland system that stretches throughout the Orinoco river basin to the middle of Colombia, covering an area comparable to the state of Texas.  There are well over 300 bird species that are common to abundant in this habitat.  From Barinas you will go by taxi to Hato El Cedral, which is a 3 hour drive.

          Here you will join Dr. Jesús Rivas on the following 5 days in his long term study of anacondas.  The work involves looking for anacondas wherever they may be found although you may chose to skip some locations if you wish.  Part of the work involves searching for snakes but another important activity is the collection of data from the animals that are caught.  You are welcome to participate in this part too or join the other attractions that the tourist station has to offer.  You can also just relax at the tourist station of the ranch.  The site is a 150,000 acre ranch with wide diversity and abundance of wildlife and nature to please the most ambitious tourists.

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Giant Ant Eaters
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The tourist station is also a small biological research station.  Other biologists from Venezuela, the US, and various other countries also stay at Hato El Cedral while conducting research, along with various professional wildlife photographers from all over the world.  The excursion guides know all of the regional birds and wildlife.  This is a perfect place for  wildlife watching of all sorts, from giant ant-eaters, capybaras (largest rodent in the world with 120 lbs) to the giant anaconda (the world's largest snake), green iguanas, and Orinoco Crocodiles - they all are pretty sure sightings in this place.


El Cedral’s tourist camp houses a maximum of 30 people in double occupancy rooms, so it is never overcrowded or noisy.  Each room contains two comfortable beds (arrangements can be made for triple occupancy) and are air-conditioned. During dry season (mid-January to May), temperatures slowly become increasingly hotter (typically in the hi-80s to low 90s during the day), although evenings remain cool until the last couple weeks of dry season (May).  For your comfort the tourist lodge also offers a swimming pool where you can fend off the heat of the middle of day between excursions.  Temperatures cool down nicely during the evening. 


Day 7th: Return from EL Cedral to Caracas. Leave in the morning by taxi to get the flight from Barinas back to La Guaira on the ocean.  Enjoy a dinner and an evening along the Caribbean shoreline.



Day 8th: Return  back home from Maiquetía airport or follow up to some of the other destinations we offer if you chose.







Package for the Llanos adventure:  $3,275 per person, $4964 per couples

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What is included:


Transportation: Our package includes transportation and accommodation to all destinations once you arrive at the Caracas Airport (Aeropuerto Simón Bolivar, Maiquetía). 


Activities: excursions and hikes are also covered.  You may chose your level of involvement with the anaconda catching.  You may be all the way there elbow-to-elbow with Dr. Rivas helping hands-on with the project as a member of the team or you may take a less committed approach hanging around and assisting with the team but not necessarily catching anacondas. You are also welcome, if you feel like it, to take a day off and hang out with the tourists or pamper yourself in the swimming pool if you just want to relax.


Meals are also covered at the different destinations but not during the transitions in La Guaira. There you will find a superb seafood restaurant across the street where you can chose your dinner as you please.  This restaurant is fairly inexpensive but very good food!!.


WARNING:  Searching for snake and their capture may involve dangerous activities and exposure to potentially dangers and hazards from different animals and the environment.  Following Dr. Rivas's advice and instructions is crucial to avoid harm both to the participants as well as to the animals.


Want to see more? If you wish to also visit Angel Falls or other locations on the Caribbean coast after your trip to the llanos we can arrange that for you too, just let us know.


We look forward to hearing from you, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

Email us at or give us a call at 614 309 2936.





Text Box: Biologist team, Rivas and Corey at work



Fun in the field with the 2007 crew!





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Fun in the field with the 2011 crew!







Fun in the field with the 2014 crew!